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photo copyright 2011 Edward Crim

anoramic views have been around for as long as there has been light to see things by (the question of whether a view can exist without a viewer is outside the scope of this article). Before there were cameras, only painters and those who could draw were able to capture these vistas. Then came photography, and within a few years of the first commercially viable photographic system (the daguerrotype), someone had built a camera to capture panoramic views.

In the late 1880’s, Flexible film was invented, and panoramic cameras proliferated. Panoramas were used for large group photos, scenic vistas, city skylines, and other such purposes. But panoramic cameras were expensive, so many people made panoramas simply by taking photos in a circle and connecting the prints edge-to-edge. Then came the computer and digital photography and like many other techniques which were once the realm of the specialist, panoramic photography became available to everyone!

Here is a panorama that I made from 22 columns of 7 photos each, stitched together with Gigapan stitcher.




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